Welcome to Tove's art glass studio!


Tove's art glass gallery


Our gallery is located in an old boarding-school house renovated in 2008, situated in 
Bakkejord, a small village on the shore of the island of Kvaløya approx. 50km (32miles) from the arctic town Tromsø.

It is set in the beautiful scenic landscape of Kvaløya island, with the Arctic ocean only a few steps away and with magnificent mountains at close quarters. In winter, you will be amazed by spectacular colours of the Arctic night and enchanted by the glorious Northern Lights. In summer, you will enjoy 24 hours of the shining sun that never steps bellow the horizon.

Our full-scale working art glass studio offers for sale a variety of hand-made art pieces 
ranging from sculptures, curtains, window decorations or lamp shades to glass houses and jewlery.

We also offer an imported selection of unique clothes and fashion design, as well as art pieces for your interior and garden.
Come and take the popular guided tour around our workshop and watch right on the spot how our glass art is being made. 
Or come just to enjoy the scenic views from our refreshing garden. You may even spot an eagle family on the prawl and if you are lucky you will see a school of small whales (harbour porpoise) swimming right in front of your eyes while you are eating your breakfast or lunch.

Our caffeeshop serves delicious home-made waffles, cakes and excellent lunches. All our dishes are home-made. We focus on seasonal cooking with particular attention to locally produced ingrediences. We provide both inside and outside serving; you can enjoy your meal in our garden or in our interior glass art vereranda which both provides views of the surrounding landscape and of our art pieces. 
Our cafe with home-made meals is also open for advance-booked social events, in the case of a party of 10-50 people. Please contact us in advance to make an order.

En example of the versatility of our glass art:

Here, a drawing made by a 4-year-old girl was carried over to a lamp shade, with the help of glasspowder and glassline. Have your drawings perpetuated in a similar way, on trays, window decorations or according to your wishes. For more examples of my art and ideas visit www.visittromso.no

 The Glassforum will hold a course in my workshop this summer. For more information visit www.tromsoindividuell.com  www.glassforum.no/